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Bingo Novelties & Gifts for Bingo Lovers

Looking for that perfect item or accessory for your next bingo excursion? Searching for Bingo gift ideas for your beloved Bingo player?Our Bingo novelties section, we have a number of bingo gifts to choose from, that range from the practical to the comical to the outrageous! Take a look at the selection of bingo trinkets, tchotchkes and accessories that you never knew you needed until you saw them! For example:

  • Admission Ticket Holders – keeps your admission ticket in plain sight for the moment when you yell “BINGO”! Choose from a huge assortment of adorable styles and colors.
  • Bingo Waiters – Make it easy to keep track of that one last number you need to win! These Bingo Waiters come in different styles and colors and will give you that lightening quick advantage that you’ll need to call out your win before someone beats you to it!
  • Replacement Dauber Tips – If you need to replace a worn dauber tip, this is just the thing. Save time and money.
  • Bingo Folding Board – Tired of gluing, clipping and taping all those bingo sheets? Need a better way to play? Here’s your answer. Play those cards, faster and much easier!

Any many more gifts for bingo lovers, designed to personalize your bingo gaming experience. These bingo novelties also make perfect gifts for those bingo lovers in your life. So, whether it’s a cup or a mug, a keychain or a set of bingo calling cards, you’re sure to find that perfect bingo accessory that everyone at the bingo games will notice and ask about!

Each available Bingo trinket is sold below the list price. This means that for every novelty item that you buy from CT Bingo Supply – you save! The more items you purchase, the bigger the savings. Why pay more?