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Bingo Sealed Tickets or Pull-Tab Tickets
*****Per Connecticut State statutes, the sale price listed is for out-of-state customers. In-state pricing is the "list price."*****

*****Any sealed ticket/Pull-Tab order will require a signature upon delivery*****
*****Not available for purchase in Minnesota*****
*****Sealed Tickets are NOT returnable*****

Bingo event tickets and sealed tickets (also known as pull tab tickets) are a popular and effective fundraising item for charitable nonprofit organizations. Sealed tickets are sold to players at Bingo games, civic clubs, and fraternal and veterans organizations like the VFW, American Legion, and Elks. The object of the game is to open the perforated windows on the back of the ticket and match the symbols inside the ticket to the winning combinations on the front of the ticket. Winning sealed tickets and bingo pull tabs are turned in for a cash prize.

Sealed tickets:

• Are easy to play
• Have high payouts
• Are fun to play
• Provide definite profits to nonprofits
• Have frequent winners
• Require no skill to play

Reasons Charities Sell Sealed Tickets & Pull-Tabs

• Predictable level of income and payout for the seller
• Sealed tickets are perceived as a form of entertainment and add to social interaction within an establishment
• Sealed tickets generate big dollars and profits
• Where else can you make that much money in such a short period of time?
• Those who participate in gaming are typically engaged with several games or activities - not just one!
• Consumers enjoy having a variety of gaming activities to choose from, especially within the same establishment and between Bingo games.
• Play and redemption happen very quickly for sealed tickets
• People enjoy playing sealed tickets in a group along with the entertainment it provides

At CT Bingo Supply, we carry a wide variety of Connecticut-approved pull tab raffle tickets and Bingo event tickets from quality pull-tab tickets manufacturers, giving players a reason to play and win. CT Bingo Supply offers both instant win sealed tickets and Bingo event game tickets in many denominations. We are fully-licensed as a sealed ticket games distributor, and a sealed ticket machine dealer by the State of Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection.

Here you will find three window tickets, Bingo event games and so much more. If you are looking for something not offered or you have a question concerning any of our products, we encourage you to contact us.